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uAlpine Smart 2

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Kode Produk: 72 5 Kg 20-09-2023
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Designed with Ultimate air purification in mind, uAlpine Smart 2 combines 6 potent types of air purification methods into 1 to thoroughly and completely clean the air. Through the 6-Stage High-Efficiency Air Purification Process, uAlpine Smart 2 can capture 99.98% of particles as small as PM0.3, kill microbes and neutralize gases, effectively protecting you and your family from harmful pollutants.

Fine Mesh Filter
Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
H13 Grade HEPA Filter
UV-C Light
Negative Ion Technology
Dimension: 26cm (L) x 52cm (W) x 26.3cm (H)
Net Weight: Approx. 5.2kg
Wi-Fi frequency band: 2.4GHz
Recommended floor area: 54m²
Voltage: 220-240V~50/60Hz
Power consumption: 50W

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