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Ujolly 2

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Harga: Rp 6.999.300
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Rp 6.999.300,00

31° angle adjustment for extended neck & shoulders coverage

With the adjustable V-Grip , the massage rollers can now better adhere to your body.


This allows the uJolly 2 to be personalized for your height and sitting positions, making it an ideal back massager for the whole family.


Targeted massage for your neck to back

The OSIM uJolly 2 features a unique adjustable V-Grip, specially designed to deliver a targeted neck massage and a comprehensive back massage.


It instantly soothes and relieves all neck, shoulder and back pain, while alleviating pain caused by prolonged seating and poor postures.


Enhanced Dual-Action V-Grip massage

The new and improved Dual-Action Press-Grip massage works even better as the rollers are bigger and rounder, sliding more smoothly along the contours of your body.


The rollers protrude more and are capable of delivering a more realistic, intense massage effect that reaches deeper into your muscles for a comforting and enhanced massage experience.


Soothing warmth for the full back

The uJolly 2 features warm air that envelops your entire back to loosen tense muscles and stiff joints for a more enjoyable massage.


The soothing warmth allows you to benefit from the full curative effects of the massage while warming your body for maximum comfort, as you enter a deeper state of relaxation.


Model: uJolly 2

Model number: OS-290

Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 190W

Auto timer: 15 minutes

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