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uDream innovative AI-Powered technologies to lower Body Tension


  1. Measure

Body Tension BioSensors to measure your Body Tension Level

- To better manage our Body Tension, firstly, we need to be able to measure and understand the tension level that our body has been experiencing. OSIM uDream incorporates the latest electrocardiogram (ECG) technology into its Body Tension BioSensors to pick up and interpret the tension signals from our bodies into insightful and easy-to-understand Body Tension Scores.

- When people are stressed out and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is activated, the physical responses include increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and short bursts of energy to power the fight-or-flight response.

- The uDream Body Tension Bio Sensors measures your heart rate, respiration rate, and heart rate variability (HRV) in under 1 minute, and calculates your personal Body Tension Score through an AI-powered biometric algorithm. This biometric algorithm will be enhanc

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